Beginners surf classes for adults

Learn from our programs designed to accelerate your surfing progression

Adults who give surfing lessons at our school have the advantage of learning to surf in the best location for beginners in Uribe Kosta, just 20 minutes from Bilbao.

We make sure you surf the best waves, with the best trainers and teaching the best techniques to ensure you stand up in your first lesson, or we’ll give you a second lesson free!

Prices of adult surfing courses

The number of classes that you wish to receive a day can be hired.

We recommend these options:

1 Surf class

  • 3h class
  • 1 day of class
  • Transport included
  • Material and Insurance included

5 class bonus

  • 3h class
  • 5 days of class
  • Transport included
  • Material and Insurance included


  • 3h class
  • Number of days optional
  • Transport included
  • Material and Insurance included

You prefer private surfing classes for adults?

They are the best option for moving faster, as we focus on improving technique in certain areas more specifically.

Can you imagine Surfing on the best Uribe Kosta beaches?

Our 3-hour surf introduction classes are designed so you can experience all the excitement of surfing!

  • We will try some basic steps to stay on the table in the safest and easiest way possible, warm up and give you some basic safety instructions.
  • Our trainers will be in the water with you throughout the class to make it more fun, safe and easy for people of all ages and levels of physical condition.
  • The price of classes includes: boards, suits, accessories, monitor, RC insurance, accidents and transport.
  • Course payments are made in advance, cash or through the account number that appears in the file indicating the name when entering.

And of course, don't forget to bring!

Sun cream




Learn to Surf and progress quickly in our adult classes

We use Soft Boards for greater security. They are polystyrene boards with great flotation and very soft.

Our monitors have years of experience surfing in all kinds of conditions. They’re very nice, too!

We analyze weather conditions and tides, so your children can have fun with small and safe waves.

Please inform us about our transport service so you don’t have to worry about the travel.

Discounts up to -10% for the best equipped

If you bring your own team, we don’t have to leave ours, you save yourself!

Since 2002, our goal has been to provide professional, close and personalized education according to the level, age and physical preparation of our students.

We form a team led by Javier Bizkarguenaga with a great experience in the surfing world and we are lucky to devote ourselves to what we like most.